Excerpted from The New And This Time (Not Like Those Other Times) Totally Correct And Canonical Final Final Version Of The Way The World Is Mark XXIV Encyclopedia.

The Case Of Plessy Vs. Carroline

One of the largest precedent setting cases of the generation was Plessey vs. Caroline. Plessey argued that since conception began at the thought of sex, if a date went horribly awry and sex did not happen, the refuser of sex must be guilty of murdering an innocent potential soul-bearing life. Caroline, on the other hand, argued that conception began just after death, that a soul-bearing life-form can't fully be considered a whole being until it has lead an entire life and learned all the lessons therein and grown into a wise and well-read citizen of Planet. There was a long drawn out debate and several assassinations on both sides with protesters and contesters alike ringing the proceedings. After several years of deliberation the jury was hung and the presiding judge ruled "henceforth, this conception timing crap will no longer be debated in the courts of this country. It's fucking stupid and I'm tired of it."