You may be intrigued/confused with this site.
It is meant to be difficult.

A: We won't lay it all out for you, but here are some basic options We're willing to give you:

  • Click on the logo to get a random page, the site should remember the last page you visitted and return you there if you have cookies enabled.
  • Click on the upper right arrow of the page for a list of characters and their first entries.
  • Click on the lower left arrow of the page for an encyclopedia with information of dubious use.
Characters' stories will link contextually to others, but may link years in the future or past or only tenuously relate to the story at hand.

Q: What's with the screen plays?
A: With the primarily conversation driven entries, the title will tell you the main character. Double quotes are lines spoken to other characters. If there are any single quoted lines, those are the main character's thoughts. Generally, there will be abreviations at the beginning of confusing lines so you know who's talking/acting.

Q: Votes?
A: Votes are the currency of Ameridine (the nation-state that a majority of the story takes place in). Every citizen is given a vote stipend with which to either purchase goods/services or elect politicians.

Q: I can't seem to find the end of the story here, if there is one. Is the site finished?
A: The story is not done yet and may only continue to be a work in progress. If you're interested in the most recent entries, use the lower right arrow.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: Compulsion.

Q: How does one contact you?
A: Comments are Welcome, send to
mistheist at hushmail dot com