Cue: Bad Deal

There are mongers, wrights, cobblers, prospectors, miners, speculators... this is not a small or easy operation, the drug business. But, to many, it is an absolute necessity.

Not Cue: "What do you think?"

Cue: "'Bout what?"

NC: "I never get premium myself, always generic."

C: "Well it's all the same, right?"

NC: "Basically. As far as inebriant goes, the 95 octane is the same as the 42 octane, same chemical. The way the market works, you always get the same dose for your money."

C: "Yeah, I could never afford premium anyway."

NC: "Oh they sell it to the richies, spin them around with this health and wellbeing thing. My filter's run on general dispensary for years an' I'm just fine." slaps filter. "It's not like that with everything, though... there are commodities, and there are luxuries. Luxuries, you always want to pay top vote for. There are qualitative differences that you can measure..."

C: 'if you could measure them, they'd be quantitative...' "Of course: when I smoke, I always buy the top notch cigars."

NC: "That's the example I was going to give, I told you we had a lot in common."

C: 'no, we don't. only drugs, man, only drugs.' "How long have you known Hines, again?" 'Hines already told me, I just want to see if you lie.'

NC: "Oh, 'bout 2 and a half years. I met him in the hospital. You come across a good cigar, man, you pay top vote for it. If you don't appreciate it now, you will once you've had a few."

C: 'damn, and I was going to make enough to pay back noir on this.' "OK, are you going to be around for a while?"

NC: "I thought you had it here..."

C: "No, I have to go get it, I wasn't going to front for it, but if you've known Hines that long, I'm sure you're good for it."

NC: "..."

C: "I'll see you."

C: 'I guess I'll just go back to Rising. I'll see him again sometime, but I don't deal with his type, he's unfriend.'

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