Agent X: Mite Transcript:

These are the first transcripts of my recordings of Mite 562091D. My Translation unit on the hydrolysis based cryptanalyzer worked tremendously.

"I've come a long way. My antenae are longer than statistically average. I have lived honorably, and reaped the rewards of a life well lived. Comfort amid a wretchedly indifferent cosmos is more astounding than most give it credit for. The ability to not worry about one's neighbors, the beasts that once ravaged the landscape, the blissful ignorance of war, poverty and misery: all of these are the inheritance of a well planned society. A society that I play a vital role in."

"Who am I kidding? I make 90 degree angles for MiteCorp-427. My larval dreams have fallen by whatever wayside was convenient at the time. I spend my time reading "Cultural Reflections, Ruminations And Indoctrinations -- A Modern Mite's Canonical Guide To What Is Hip" and putting myself in the exoskeleton of the cover-model. The dreary life I told myself was a stopping point, a temporary means to a glorious end, has consumed all of my time and I see no end to it."